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2008-09-26 08:33:37 by AcidSoldier

Congratulations! You just destroyed someone else's hard work! This Flash has been blammed.

Thanks for voting, AcidSoldier! Vote on 2 more submissions and you can deposit your 10 experience points for today!

Your experience gave you a voting power of 5.44 votes. Your blam and protection points gave you an additional 10% of your experience power, meaning that your total vote power was worth 5.98 votes!

The more experience points you have, combined with BLAM and PROTECTION points, the more your vote is worth!

Be* Broadband

2008-09-25 17:46:48 by AcidSoldier

24 Mb/s, 'nuff said.

Garry's Mod.

2008-09-25 07:12:07 by AcidSoldier

Made me happy again.

Fuck you all.

2008-09-24 17:26:19 by AcidSoldier

I fucking worked hard on Systems CS3 and nobody can be assed giving me a reason why it sucks compared to the first one. I took 5 mins for the first one. But 5 months makes you hate me?

Systems CS3 is OUT!!

2008-09-24 15:35:10 by AcidSoldier

Whoohoo! After over 6 months of planning, coding, and remaking, Systems 2 is ready.
You can call it either CS3 or 2. Vote however you feel, I'm not one of those guys who says "LALVOETFEV" It'll be on Newgrounds in 10 minutes, just adding the last item.


2008-09-24 06:30:49 by AcidSoldier

Title says it all.

I started making a game for it but I don't have enough time, so I've just made a shitty short. Ok, bye.

He gave me a link in a post in mah topic. Voted 5 but banned from reviewing, darn it.
I've decided I'll give it a shot and try and get something in today, cya around.

Madness Day

2008-09-22 03:37:47 by AcidSoldier

I'm too busy with Systems CS3 and another flash project to actually make anything right now, aww shucks.

For only 15.15
Woah, that's fucking cheap. Ram = £4.99 or whatever, Stick = £6.
Vat = £2, P&P = £3
Or so, anyhow, linky from where I got it: LOLCHEAPLINK