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Abe's Exoddus

2008-09-20 09:11:42 by AcidSoldier

I've recently downloaded it off of steam and I've been playing the fuck out of it. I used to be a big fan of Abe's Oddesy and I've always wanted the sequel.

Giant Cocks!

2008-09-19 20:40:00 by AcidSoldier

I missed yesterday's news post, but because Newgrounds is in american time, I haven't. Yay. It's already the 20th here.


2008-09-18 16:31:12 by AcidSoldier

I think I missed yesterda- Nevermind. Anyhow, recent stuffs: Ubuntu, HDD, GTA4, Spam, BBS, Leveling up, portal, GTA4, Spam.

Today's News Posts

2008-09-15 17:43:02 by AcidSoldier

2 because I couldn't do yesterdays because I was sorting ubuntu.
This is an example news post.

Registered news post of Section 9, subsection 7 A6 in Booklet 516 subbooklet 52 Agreement of News Postings of Newgrounds, 2008.


2008-09-15 17:37:36 by AcidSoldier

Reinstalled, Working and now all I need is some fancy effects drivers.

New Hard Drive Disk

2008-09-13 17:13:54 by AcidSoldier

I just bumped my max memory space to 340 GB. Just got a 200 GB HDD from a friend, for FREE.

Grand Theft Auto 4

2008-09-13 06:23:31 by AcidSoldier

It's so fun.

Daily News Posts

2008-09-12 15:04:13 by AcidSoldier

I'll be doing them.

: This counts. xD

New banner for my userpage

2008-09-11 12:55:02 by AcidSoldier

Just made it in PS CS3.

New motha' fuckin' forums.

2008-09-06 21:12:38 by AcidSoldier