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It's a good try...

but I didn't really like it, it was too short and had no real animative point.

Keep trying at this though.


I was thinking, while watching the start, that it would just be a silly, stupid, sex loop after that, but then he sat down and I just started laughing.

Good work.

Short but sweet, as mentioned.

I like the cleanness and style of animation, but as you said it was short, a little too much though.

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A bit annoying

Personally, I like the idea but I found how there was no singleplayer AI available a bit annoying. Since the game has just launched there are barely any players, that I can understand but there should at least be an alternative to waiting.

Another thing I didn't like was having to literally register, I think it'd be neater to just enter a username and play using it.

Good work.

Neo1211 responds:


Yeah, the username and password authentication is necessary to have stat tracking as well as the able to have moderators and administrators, etc.

This will in the future be published on another site that will require you to be logged in to view it, but that's post-beta. It'll probably be published here in this form too.

We were considering a guest feature, but it would have been somewhat limited - that is, of course, stat tracking wouldn't work, and we would probably restrict them from being able to chat.

Completed in 973 seconds

That was fun and funny. I had great fun with this and it managed to kill 5 minutes, thanks for the game. :D


Great flash, I'd like to see more.

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You're a brilliant singer, keep at it.

It sounds great

It sounds the same as the rough you sent, just clearer. Still awesome.

sonicmega responds:

Not awesome enough. I need to make a better version, but other things are on my mind at the time. Still, I think it's acceptable enough for now at the very least.

Please spread this audio submission around! :D

As I said before on MSN

Brilliant, ignore people who say your voice sucks, you rock.

sonicmega responds:

I wouldn't say my voice is AMAZING, but I believe it's at least better than the average on SOME levels. Of course there will always be the naysayers, but if they're focusing on the singing and not the parody, there's really nothing I can do anyway :\

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