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Fuck you all.

2008-09-24 17:26:19 by AcidSoldier

I fucking worked hard on Systems CS3 and nobody can be assed giving me a reason why it sucks compared to the first one. I took 5 mins for the first one. But 5 months makes you hate me?


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2008-09-24 17:45:14

That's probably an animation you worked hard on but it didn't get any attention? That's great, it happened to me MANY times, so don't waste your nerves. NG underrates things that people worked hard on, so your first one you spent 5 minutes on had a bigger chance of front page. Make a Mario movie = 100% success.... Fuck it all is the better choice though. That's what i did.

AcidSoldier responds:

It wasn't an animation, but thanks for the comment.


2008-09-24 22:49:32

We DON'T hate you Riam.
You need to stop being so worried, it's a great flash, you just really need to upload them when they're done, not WIPs. The first one is only better because its the full version.

AcidSoldier responds:

The first one isn't a full version at all..