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1st: My CS3 trial is running out, I know nobody will say yes to this, but I'm accepting donations for to keep my site running, to keep my stuff updated and buy a forum. I'm really dedicated to Newgrounds, and I just want to show the bit more for the users, thanks for reading. I still have Flash 8 as an option, but, meh.

2nd: Holy shit, it's been a while, but I've started on the finale to the Electronic Series, which I will be selling on CDs on Cafepress, soon. The finale doesn't have a title yet, so I'm accepting suggestions and hoping it will be fucking awesome! Cya around guys.

Video embeding?!

2008-04-20 00:31:13 by AcidSoldier

11111111111111111111ONE :D:D:D:D:D::D:D:D:D::D:D:D:D:D:D:D::D:
Awesome gmod video from ages ago and a lego movie


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2008-04-09 11:05:00 by AcidSoldier



Latest Info

2008-03-11 15:00:53 by AcidSoldier


Steam? Free games? Garry's Mod but not free!?

A while ago, I bought TOB (The Orange Box) and tried to install it on my computer, then I realized you needed steam, which I knew from earlier downloading that it won't work on a proxy setup. So I tried on a friends, but his computer wasn't good enough for the games, so I just lied to the clerk and took the game back. It's been about 6 weeks since then and I got my internet sorted so I have direct connections. Steam was working, so I checked the game list... "What the-!!" And I hadn't realised it would save all my games, I immediatly got Gmod and I keep playing it daily. :3


Broken keyboard, new email address.

Woo, is now working!! My keyboard, uh yeah.

Supreme Commander

2008-02-16 12:19:38 by AcidSoldier

I just got this today and I'm really enjoying it. Supreme Commander is VERY simillar to C&C 3 and is just as good. The only thing I'd say bad about SupCom is that it takes a whopping 10GB of hard drive space, to give you an idea of that, a standard DVD movie, in AVI format, takes about 1 GB, that about 10 movies. Although, I do wish I had a better computer, I've no problem with my 144 hard drive but my graphics card is an ATi Radeon x1650. That's good for games from like, 2006 but when it comes to C&C 3 and SupCom, it's just not good enough. I recommend this to anyone.

Supreme Commander

Sign up for my forums.

2008-02-10 05:46:13 by AcidSoldier

It's even more lonely there. Don't worry, I have a real site too.
Forumz|Real Sitez

If more than 5 people join, then there will be... Uh... A prize.


2008-02-02 17:30:51 by AcidSoldier

Madness Distortion was nearly cancelled thanks to iTunes' file type. I converted the songs and it's back on the road.

Don't just read, fucking comment too, it gets lonely.




2008-02-01 12:40:07 by AcidSoldier

Trying to fix something yourself with no offical help can sometimes be better than using the original, for example, my numpad 0 key broke, fixed by using the original parts inside the key, but then, it's been broke for a couple of days now, I lost the peice of metal that acts as a spring, I was scattering my room around looking for it, I've still not found it, so I used a really small spring thinking "It's too small, it'll never work." and it actually works better than before. Don't use official stuff, IMPROVISE, IT'S IN OUR INSTINCT.


2008-01-26 16:44:54 by AcidSoldier

The angreh icon is to go with the theme, not a mood.

New madness music video, this time, it's gonna be a smooth, clean and crisp animation, non of that "CHAINSAW END MADE BY A STUPID IDIOT CALLED ACIDSOLDIER AND ANOTHER GUY CALLED SLIPKNOT23231 THANKS NG!!!!!!!" shit. It's gonna be featuring 2 songs, What I've Done (Distorted Remix) and I can't really remember the other. Expect it sometime this YEAR, not anytime soon.

New teh song!!

2008-01-21 14:52:33 by AcidSoldier

New song out, check the audio section of mah uberpage. Its got leik, guitar and... stuff... and other stuff! :3 Cya later, luts of luff